Validity Driver for Windows 8

Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver and HP SimplePass for Windows 8 and Windows 7

Dell Vostro 1310/1510 fingerprint reader












This post was originally from NBR Forums. This post has different steps and an additional driver.

If it’s not too much I recommend getting a very cheap external Fingerprint Scanner from Amazon with high reviews:

If you still want to stick with installing HP drivers, here’s the drivers and software you need to download:


  1. We’re gonna start by getting the latest driver from HP. I’ve tested and confirmed this working after updating to this version manually from HP’s 4.3.205 driver. HP’s release is the latest and has been tested and confirmed working on my Windows 7 x64 HP dv6-3000 VFS301 sensor. – Released May 5, 2012
    HP Validity Fingerprint Sensor Drive 4.3.304.0 with Validity WBF [sensors supported: VFS201,VFS300, VFS301, VFS451, VFS471, VFS5111, VFS5131, WBF_0018,WBF_0011,WBF_0010,WBF_0010,WBF_003c ] See Driver Info and See More Driver Info
  2. FOR WINDOWS 8, and Windows 8.1:
    Released Sept 7th , 2012
    HP Validity Fingerprint Sensor Drive with Validity WBF
    See Driver Infoand See More Driver Info


  1. HP SimplePass v6.0.100.252 by AuthenTec [supports Win7/Win8]


First uninstall the previous driver and fingerprint software from Control Panel -> Uninstall Program. Then reboot. After reboot, make sure that you have an unidentified device in Device Manager, under Biometric Devices, that means that Windows doesn’t have a proper driver for it. Then go back to Control Panel -> Uninstall a program and in the list, make sure that the uninstallation list there is no listing of the Validity DDK/WBF or its older versions .Note: If you’re laptop is automatically reinstalling validity sensor driver from stock swsetup folder when you reboot your laptop, you need to disable that. If you need directions on disabling automatic driver installation in Windows 7, click this link

  1. If you choose to install HP’s 4.3.304.0 sensor driver. Follow these steps. The steps for HP’s are similiar so follow the same directions, if you get lost, just ask in comments.
  2. Download the .exe file and open it and follow the instructions. In the case the driver does not update, you can manually update it bu going to Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Under Biometric Devices Right click on Validity Sensors -> Update Driver Software -> Browse my computer for driver software -> Next input the location for the driver, it’s usually in the HP setup files, so if you have VFS301 sensor you can find your driver file in the extracted setup folder as seen below: C:\SwSetup\sp56957\Drivers\WBF_301_DRVCheck
  3. Now tick the field that says “Include Subfolders” and hit next, that ought to update your driver to the latest HP version. Once again if you go to C:\SwSetup\sp56957\Drivers\ or wherever you’ve extracted your sp56957 has been extracted to, you can find your supported sensor folder. This latest driver has been tested and working on Windows 7 x64, HP dv6-3000.
  4. This step will mention software installation: first download HP SimplePass and run the exe file inside the zip file, it will work on both on Win7 and Win8. It’s great program that’ll allow you to not just enroll fingerprints, but logon to windows and websites, and much more!

Ask in comments if you have questions, hope this helps.

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66 thoughts on “Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver and HP SimplePass for Windows 8 and Windows 7

  1. Zefira Bazoteva

    Hi, i have Hp envy 15i7 and updated to Windows 10, but my Simple pass is not working. I have Validity Sensor 4.5.327.0 installed and Window Hello enabled, but it just does not recognise my finger. Any thoughts?

  2. Arjun

    i have a hp dv6 2155ee laptop with vfs301 finger print sensor. after updating to windows 10 it stop working. but after some update it worked. but unfortunately i uninstalled the digital persona personal for some work. after reinstall now it is not working. what to do? please help.

  3. Anas


    I have windows 8.1 HP ProBook 6460b and i try all steps, but i had a problem while installing HPSimple Pass , the error is “error 2753.The File ‘biomonitor.exe’ is not marked for installation”.
    please help me.

    thank you.
    best regards.

  4. Roger

    Finally managed to get my VFS471 on my HP 8460p to work with the abovementioned Windows 8/8.1 drivers. I manually made Windows install the drivers from the WBF_003c_DRV folder, using Device Manager. Thanks!

  5. Vincy

    hey, i have HP probook 4441s operating a windows 8.1 and running a 64 bit but the fingerprint reader just doesnt work.. i have tried almost all the versions but none seems compatible. Kindly suggest a link for download and maybe instructions on how to go about the process too. Thanks in advance.

  6. Anonymous

    1. I chose HP Validity driver 4.3.304.
    2. I installed the driver but nothing happened.
    3. Go to your file sp56957, should be located C: > swsetup > sp56957, then run the WBFDDKSetup.
    4. I have windows 8.1 so you need to disable the windows digital sign thingy, so hold down shift and click restart > then troubleshoot > advanced > startup > then on start up option F7.
    5. Through device manager, right click on the unknown device, click update driver, go to the location > C: > swsetup > sp56957

  7. cubeover

    OK so this post needs and update.
    I am on WIndows 7 x64 with all MS Updates and sensor 451.
    As instructed, I have tried previous driver with WBF (4.3.x) and the SimplePass from the Google Drive as in the post. This did not work.
    Driver and WBF were happy but SimplePass crashed every time.

    I have then downloaded the newer SimplePass (SP58900, thanks Bruce) and it did not crash anymore, but it said “No sensor connected”. Then I have upgraded the driver and WBF to version 4.4.x as in the post for Windows 8. All is working well now, thanks!

    I suggest removing older links and unifying same newer versions for Windows 8 as well as Windows 7. Another thing is for security reasons links should probably only lead to HP (but its always wise to check if EXE signature is valid).

    Thanks for the post, I have had this working since 2 years before but recently had to replace HD with SSD so I lost the setup.

  8. Tony

    Thank you Stanley. I followed all of your instructions, the driver now features on the Device Manager list and the programme Simple Pass installed fine.

    I now face the problem of the programme not recognizing my fingerprint, despite fillowing all of the instructions given.

    I really am at as loss here and on the verge of giving up on it!

  9. Sten

    Thanks for the post!

    Following PC charactaristics:

    HP Pavilion Entertainment PC DV8 1050EG

    Windows 8.1 Update 1 64 bit (with August 2014 update)

    I’ve tried both SP56957 & SP58900. Only SP56957 worked for me but after several installations and uninstallations only. Device Manager it was shown as a functioning driver. After trying if Windows would see the reader, I couldn’t find any option to add a fingerprint. After a few new installations the option finally appeared. But everytime I tried to add a fingerprint there was a failure with reading. Then after an uninstallation and searching for new devices, the correct driver has been found (Version from 22.07.2009).

    SP58900 didn’t work even after it has been installed. There was always an error (Code 10). No matter how often I installed it again and again and no matter if 86 or 64 bit version.

    Good luck to all of you!


  10. MrElectrifyer

    Thank you so much! Here’s what I did on my 2008 HP Pavilion dv3510nr. At first, I tried using the v4.4.234.0 as I had Windows 8 Pro x64-Bit installed on it; to install it, had to start Windows 8 with driver-signature enforcement disabled, ’cause the drivers were not signed for some reason. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, it kept giving me the code 10 error (the device could not be powered on) with the driver.

    So, I decided to try the other one, v4.3.304.0 (after disabling driver signature enforcement). It worked flawless for my 2008 HP Pavilion dv3510nr 😀 I didn’t bother installing the HP SimplePass ’cause Windows 8.1 already has a GUI for managing fingerprint readers (if it detects such) under PC Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options.

    Thanks again for the detailed post!

  11. Anonymous

    This is great, at first tried 4.4.234 version with no success. After rebooting and uninstall it, version 4.3.304 works great for my DV-1241 with VFS201 sensor. Thank You !

  12. Tom Binney

    Stanley, I tried all the steps in your procedure for a dv7 with windows 7 and it still can’t detect the fingerprint reader although Device Manager says everything is working fine. This is the second time I have lost the use of the fingerprint reader. The first was due to a Windows Update changing the driver, but your article showed how to stop that. This time I had to re-install Windows 7 as Windows Update had stopped working. Any further ideas?

    Tom Binney

  13. Gildenor

    Hello! I have an HP DV4-1136 br Pavilon and I can not do the biometric reader working. Can someone help me?

  14. Anonymous

    Hello dear thank you very much.. I did the same as you said, after I used 4 dirvers they did not work for me.. Somebody here said that the only way to work was the sp56957.exe driver.. Finnaly after 5 drivers it WORK GREAT! (sp56957.exe), Also I had problems since Windows was saying the driver was not singing, so I decide to restart my laptop ssing the option 7 (start with unsigned drivers), and then finally could works very well !!.. Thanks again! .. BTW: I have a HP Pavilion DV7 laptop dual core, 4gb ram, running Windows 8.1 and with the sensor model VFS201

  15. Anonymous

    THANKS!!! Stupid HP website was providing me the wrong package with the wrong dirver and the API wouldn’t enable, once the correc driver is there (check in device managaer) the API is enabled and you can use win8.1 native fingerprint registration.

    Thanks again!

  16. Jon

    I upgraded to win. 8.1 PRO X 64 from windows 7 pro. X64. and lost all functionality of the finger print reader on my computer and read your solutions above and tried upgrading the drivers for Validity reader version VFS 201.I’m also using the Digital Persona Personal software for print recognition. The laptop computer I have is a
    HP HDX X16T-1200 CTO and I am wondering that I haven’t seen any comments with success for my model computer. HP doesn’t have any information for my model computer as far as this problem because they won’t support my upgrade to windows 8.1. Can anyone help me?

  17. Pedro Fernando

    Hi Stanley,

    I’ve downloaded the file sp56957 from the link you’ve posted but once it’s donwloaded the version of this driver is 4.3.304.0. not the Don’t you have an alternative link? Maybe HP have changed something.

    Greetings from Spain


    I installed the version for windows 7 and it worked but due to some software update both the validity sensor and the Hp simple pass failed to work and I am now repeatedly reinstalling and uninstallng as per the steps mentioned by you but HP simple pass fails to work now.

    Even I tried installing VFS driver for windows 8/8.1 but it does not recognize it.

    please help me now

  19. Anonymous

    How do I figure out which fingerprint scanner version my computer has? It’s an HP Pavilion dm4-2180us.

  20. Benjamin John

    I have a DV8-1000, windows 8.1 x64. I have tried all the steps here (using SP56957) without success. The driver itself installs fine and no issues are seen in device manager. In control panel, I have to biometrics options. I have spend two days trying to fix this.

    When I install simplepass and try to enroll, it keeps looping trying to enroll.
    Using the built-in windows 8 fingerprint option, I get an error occurred.

    Any help is appreciated.

  21. Anonymous

    After much headache, I found out what works for me.
    Tested working on HP dv6t 3xxx with VFS301 sensor on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

    Press WIN + R and type in services.msc then press enter
    Enable the following services: Windows Biometric Service | Credential Manager | Remote Procedure Call (RPC) | Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver Framework
    Uninstall all fingerprint drivers and softwares
    Remove fingerprint driver from device manager
    Restart computer
    Download the updated fingerprint driver sp56957.exe
    Open Device Manager
    Install sp56957.exe
    Refresh Device Manager wait about 5-60 seconds depending on your computer
    Windows should re-detect the unknown device and start installing the new driver
    Download the HP Simplepass Software sp63224.exe
    Install and enroll fingerprints

  22. Guest

    Thanks for your detailed post. However, this is not working for me (dm4-1000, Win 8.1 x64). When ever I try to install the fingerprint driver, nothing happens. And When I try to update manually it says my drivers are the latest (but it shows version 2.x). I tried unistalling from the device manager, but it keeps auto-install. I disabled auto installation from gpedit.msc, but then when I try to manually update it says that I’m not allowed to do that due to group policy. Any solution? Thanks!

  23. Insomnia

    Hey, download the second link up top (he replied to me earlier saying how he reposted it). The fingerprint option came up for me after manually downloading it through the device manager (as is explained in #3). Follow directions starting from # 3 exactly, but of course uninstall the original software first and restart Windows as he says earlier on.The link to the HP SimplePass is broken, but here’s a newer one I found: I’m installing it now, so hope it also works, and doesn’t have to be the specific one in the broken link. Crossing my fingers.

  24. Insomnia

    Thanks, I’d really appreciate it. It’s been over a month since then. Have you heard back from them?

  25. Rioliveira

    Same here! I have one laptop HP HDX 18, and nothing work for me! My hopes are in the driver that you say it seems to be working in such a laptop like mine. Can you provide the files needed to install this driver?
    Thank you very much.

  26. Alex F

    The link for the file is dead and I couldn’t find any other link to this file on the internet, do you have a copy of this file to share?

  27. Stanley Soman Post author

    Until i find new links for 1. Digital Persona Fingerprint Management Application (FMA) with Validity WBF v4.3.34.0 , use the second link #2. I’ve emailed validity for new links. and I’ll reply back when i get new links.

  28. Melissa


    Can you please redirect me to the download files? The links in your post no longer work, and I’m worried that I might download the wrong files.

  29. Anonymous

    thanks will try doing that for the second just hope it works even for me, because i really need this software working

  30. Stanley Soman Post author

    Redownload the file, maybe it didn’t download fully. Make sure you are the administrator user to open the file. The file has no virus and won’t mess up your computer.

  31. Vin Hans

    I tried to follow the instructions carefully but when installing the set-up its saying some thing like the file am trying to install has been corrupted, so please help cause i don’t know whats happening with my laptop…

  32. Carlos

    Thank you very much for your cooperation, I tried on a HP DV4-1413 notebook with Windows 8.1 and it worked properly!

  33. Tal

    Also, if you’re using Google Chrome you should go to the extensions page -> chrome://extensions/ and enable the Website Logon extension.

  34. Tal

    I thought I should write this down because I tried this procedure a couple of times with no success and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. I’m sure this will help a couple of you. I also had the issue where the driver installed correctly but didn’t show up under Biometric Devices in the Control Panel. Eventually I figured out it probably had something to do with some of the Windows services not running correctly. So I entered Windows services (Start -> Run -> services.msc) and I noticed there’s a Windows service called “Windows Biometric Service” which was disabled. Probably got disabled by Advanced SystemCare which I use for optimizing my PC. At first when I tried enabling it manually it didn’t let me, so I went online to check what other services should be running in order for this one to work. It turns out you need these three services running: “Credential Manager”, “Remote Procedure Call (RPC)”, and “Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver Framework”.

    I found out “Credential Manager” was also disabled so I enabled it and after that I was able to enable the “Windows Biometric Service”. Once I did that, the Validity Sensor showed up in the Control Panel and everything is working fine now 🙂

  35. Anonymous

    In Win 8.1 Beta, I think choosing the unknown driver in device manager, updating the driver from C:\swsetup\sp56957\Drivers (including subfolders), restarting, and going to “sign-in options” gave me a chance to enroll my fingers.

  36. Karim Wafik

    Hey!! I installed the driver from the first link, and it is listed in the device manager; but the “Biometric Devices” in the control panel says it find not find any on this computer
    any advice?

  37. Jim Simmons

    I just checked the links to the Authentec site and the HPLite32… version of SimplePass for HP laptops downloaded just fine.

  38. Jim S

    Yep. Same here. Have to type password to get into SimplePass program. Can’t seem to get around it. No big deal though.

  39. Chris Murray

    So, SimplePass will let me log into Windows (8 pro x64), but when I actually try to open the SimplePass program, it doesn’t recognize my finger, and I have to type my win password. Not a huge problem, as I really only ever used simple pass to bypass the login, but annoying none-the-less.

    Anyone else?

  40. Jim S

    Worked fine for me – HP Pavilion dm4-1165dx with VFS301 sensor. Running Windows 8 – 64bit. Very helpful! Thanks!

  41. Norbert

    Stanley Soman, thank you VERY much! It runs perfect until now with my HP Pavilion dv8-1269ez, the integrated Validity VFS301 Fingerprintreader and Driver v4.3.304! Many greetings from Switzerland (near Bern)!

  42. Elvin Hicks

    dv8t, Windows 8 Pro, 32 bit: Worked on the first try with supplied downloads and instructions. I sent hours in failed attempts before finding this article. Thank You!

  43. Rob

    This worked for me! After reinstalling Windows 8, went to download my drivers and had problems with “sp58834.exe” working at all. This had been downloaded from HP’s website and was suppose to work for “Windows 8 x64” system. Uninstalled per your instructions and installed “HPLite32.exe” & “sp56957.exe” and it didn’t work at first. Went into the device manager, and had to “disable” and “enable” the driver. Then it started to work!
    Thanks! Great instructions too!

    My system:
    HP Pavilion DV6 i7-2670QM
    Dual boot (WIn 7 Pro & Win 8 Enterprise N) both with working Validity Fingerprint sensors
    (same sensor but used on boot with different OS).

  44. Kapil

    I chose HP Validity driver 4.3.304.
    I installed the driver but nothing happened.
    I extracted Setup Contents and through device manager I went to the location and installed.
    It works. Thanks STANLEY.

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