Use PPTP on macOS Sierra

If you use PPTP for macOS Sierra, with the new update from Apple, PPTP was removed natively from the OS . The reasoning for this was quite simple; PPTP was insecure method of connection to a private backend. Following this update, 3rd party companies came into the scene to provide support for PPTP. The following article will cover some of the most popular PPTP options for Apple macOS Sierra. The following 3rd party (in addition to the ones Apple listed), should work for PPTP connections.

3rd party PPTP Clients on macOS Sierra

  1. Shimo VPN

    One of the most popular VPN clients, offers not just support for PPTP, but for others as well.. There is a 30-day trial, and while usually sold for $50, you can get it for $19 from this site.

  2. This is a fully functional application for macOS Sierra. It is a tested and working PPTP client on macOS Sierra, it simply works. It is also working for PPTP endpoints on IBM Bluemix Softlayer. To use it there, simply follow the steps here:

    Get the endpoint:

    Enable Split-Tunneling (use your internet & VPN at same time)

    For Softlayer users – the target network for split tunneling is

  3. VPN Tracker

    While it advertises that it offers PPTP support, I have not seen many reviews about this product.

  4. Tunnel Blick

The great thing about the Tunnel Blick is that unlike VPN Tracker and Shimo VPN, it is free! But a .ovpn file has to be created. This assumes that the VPN endpoint is using Open VPN server or has OpenVPN support (so you can use the .ovpn config file). So unfortunately if the VPN endpoint is not a Open VPN server, this will not work.

Additionally, for Tunnel Blick, the .ovpn client file needs to be created if you don’t have it already. Try following this example, read the section “Sample client-side OpenVPN 2.0 config file”

You’d have to use your VPN endpoint’s PPTP settings. And make sure the port 1723 for PPTP is unblocked. This is the common port for PPTP.

If you have any other 3rd party macOS Sierra PPTP Clients, share!

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