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We believe we are/have been Saved in an instant, in a moment, in a decision. We believe that no believer is more righteous than another, for all righteousness is found in Christ. Yet there are varying levels of belief and maturity, which allow the believe to walk in greater promises of God.

I found this written on a website and I believe it accurately describes how we should view other christians. That there are individuals with all levels of beliefs and maturity and they should be respected. Diversity is needed to understand the fullness of a multidimensional God. We ought to live in harmony and live in peace.

To Jesus there is no difference between sacred and secular

Bible reading, Prayer, church are no more spiritual than the other aspects of your life, meaning our walk with Christ should be holistic. We can encounter God in all areas of our lives and by acknowledging him in all our ways and living in the joyous reality of Christ with us will help us to give thanks. The link below elaborates on this in a much finer tune.

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