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Validity Driver for Windows 8

Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver and HP SimplePass for Windows 8 and Windows 7

Dell Vostro 1310/1510 fingerprint reader












This post was originally from NBR Forums. This post has different steps and an additional driver.

If it’s not too much I recommend getting a very cheap external Fingerprint Scanner from Amazon with high reviews:


If you still want to stick with installing HP drivers, here’s the drivers and software you need to download:


  1. We’re gonna start by getting the latest driver from HP. I’ve tested and confirmed this working after updating to this version manually from HP’s 4.3.205 driver. HP’s release is the latest and has been tested and confirmed working on my Windows 7 x64 HP dv6-3000 VFS301 sensor. – Released May 5, 2012
    HP Validity Fingerprint Sensor Drive 4.3.304.0 with Validity WBF [sensors supported: VFS201,VFS300, VFS301, VFS451, VFS471, VFS5111, VFS5131, WBF_0018,WBF_0011,WBF_0010,WBF_0010,WBF_003c ] See Driver Info and See More Driver Info
  2. FOR WINDOWS 8, and Windows 8.1:
    Released Sept 7th , 2012
    HP Validity Fingerprint Sensor Drive with Validity WBF
    See Driver Infoand See More Driver Info


  1. HP SimplePass v6.0.100.252 by AuthenTec [supports Win7/Win8]


First uninstall the previous driver and fingerprint software from Control Panel -> Uninstall Program. Then reboot. After reboot, make sure that you have an unidentified device in Device Manager, under Biometric Devices, that means that Windows doesn’t have a proper driver for it. Then go back to Control Panel -> Uninstall a program and in the list, make sure that the uninstallation list there is no listing of the Validity DDK/WBF or its older versions .Note: If you’re laptop is automatically reinstalling validity sensor driver from stock swsetup folder when you reboot your laptop, you need to disable that. If you need directions on disabling automatic driver installation in Windows 7, click this link

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  1. If you choose to install HP’s 4.3.304.0 sensor driver. Follow these steps. The steps for HP’s are similiar so follow the same directions, if you get lost, just ask in comments.
  2. Download the .exe file and open it and follow the instructions. In the case the driver does not update, you can manually update it bu going to Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Under Biometric Devices Right click on Validity Sensors -> Update Driver Software -> Browse my computer for driver software -> Next input the location for the driver, it’s usually in the HP setup files, so if you have VFS301 sensor you can find your driver file in the extracted setup folder as seen below: C:\SwSetup\sp56957\Drivers\WBF_301_DRVCheck
  3. Now tick the field that says “Include Subfolders” and hit next, that ought to update your driver to the latest HP version. Once again if you go to C:\SwSetup\sp56957\Drivers\ or wherever you’ve extracted your sp56957 has been extracted to, you can find your supported sensor folder. This latest driver has been tested and working on Windows 7 x64, HP dv6-3000.
  4. This step will mention software installation: first download HP SimplePass and run the exe file inside the zip file, it will work on both on Win7 and Win8. It’s great program that’ll allow you to not just enroll fingerprints, but logon to windows and websites, and much more!

Ask in comments if you have questions, hope this helps.