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Turn off Laptop Screen

Turn off Laptop Display with that useless calculator key

You’ve got a HP Laptop and you have quicklaunch keys (you know that email button you never use, and don’t forget that calculator now!) that you never use. What should you do? I had a Touchsmart key on my laptop that I never used. I decided to use that for turning off my laptop display. Here are the steps

1. First you need to remap that key. To do that first go on this website and get the approriate HP quicklaunch action key remapper, it does it for you so no hassle:

2. Now you got the remapper program for your specific HP model, next you need the get the .exe file to turn off your laptop display. This software (its a simple .exe file) attached will turn off your display. Don’t worry its not permanent nor does it put the laptop to sleep but turns off the display. Moving your mouse or touchpad will bring back your laptop. HP Turn off Display

3. Next open the quicklaunch remapper software from Step 1 and tick the action key you want to replace, and paste the location to the HPTurnoff Display program listed in Step 2. And check “Apply at startup” in the quicklaunch remapper software so it’ll startup again at your next boot.

OPTIONAL: If you don’t want to download a quicklaunch remapper program but want an alternative heres one

4. Simply download the .exe from Step 2, next find the location of the software that the action keys on your laptop launches. For me the Touchsmart key on my laptop lauched the SmartCenter program that was located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\TouchSmart\SmartCenter\SmartCenter.exe
Note If you have another HP program poke around the Hewlett-Packard folder in Program Files you should find the software executable file that the action key launches.

5. So i renamed my downloaded .exe file from Step 2 to SmartCenter.exe, and I renamed the original SmartCenter.exe to BACKUPSmartCenter.exe just in case I need to undo later.

6. That’s it! Now try hitting the MediaCenter or TouchSmart key on your laptop, it should turn off your display.