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How to run SQL from WHM / cPanel

How to run SQL from WHM/cPanel using phpMyAdmin

To run SQL From WHM / cPanel using phpMyAdmin, it is quite simple, follow the instructions in this video below and you’ll be executing SQL commands in no time using the built-in function of phpMyAdmin.


Speed up WordPress 1000x

Facebook's HHVM

Facebook’s HHVM logo

(HHVM or PHP7)+Nginx+FastCGI+Varnish

  • PHP 7.0.10 (Latest Stable)
  • Nginx 1.11.3 (Latest)
  • HHVM  3.14.4 (Latest)
  • Varnish Cache Proxy service 4.0.3 (Latest)

This was done on a centOS 7 instance. Continue reading