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Using iPerf3 to troubleshoot

Using iPerf3

Using iperf3 is a gift. I use it on a daily basis and I believe it’ll help expedite your network troubleshooting skills. It is the industry standard tool for checking the interface and uplink and port speeds that IaaS providers (aka Cloud companies like IBM Softlayer, Rackspace, AWS) advertise. It is used commonly to test customer claims that they are not getting the Network Interface Card (nic) speeds on their servers that they are paying for. This can happen to a bad NIC, high network utilization at the datacenter, or wrong advertising. There is one way to check and that is to use iPerf3.  Here are the information that I believe are essential. First download iperf3 and then launch cmd (command prompt) in Windows and use cd command to browse to the folder of iperf3 and then run the following commands. It will utilize the iperf3.exe file and run the flags from within command prompt and get you results. You have to have iperf3 running on both client side (sending the packets) and server side (receiving side) for it to work.  Continue reading