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AirPrint Activator for Windows – iOS 7 For Windows XP/7/8

New Desk & New Monitor & New PC

Picture shows an innocent windows printer attached to a Windows computer.

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My post has the latest version 2.6. Software credit is to the software developer at iblueray.de I added it here and added few explanations and elaborated FAQ. I got airprint working and successfully printed from iPhone 3GS to an old printer attached to Windows XP. Verified working on Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.

AirPrint Activator v.2.6 for Windows iOS 7 & iOS 6 & iOS 5 supported.
The program allows to use Shared-Network windows printers via AirPrint. This will allow you to tap “Print” from any iOS device and allow you to print to your windows printer. You don’t have to jailbreak anything 😉

Download –

AirPrint Activator iOS5_v2.6


1. Open the following ports or add to ignore settings in your firewall program:

  • Port 9100 (TCP), port for network printers, for RAW Printing or Direct IP printing jobs.
  • Port 631 (TCP) port that needs to be open for the AirPrint service
  • Port 5353 (UDP). If Apple Bonjour software is installed, this port may not be needed but if you notice problems open this port as well!
    If you need help with opening ports in the Windows Firewall program see this post

2. Download the file and unzip it, and run the application, (The software is written in german, do not freak out just follow directions in this post)

3. You should see a button that says “Activate AirPrint” service, click on it and it should say “Aktivierung Erfolgreich” or Activation Successful. Learn some German along the way

4. Add the program file path C:\AirPrint\Airprint.exe in your firewall program’s exclusions list or ignore settings to NOT be scanned or blocked by the firewall. AirPrint is the service that runs to communicate between iPhone’s wireless signals and printer.

5.Create another user account or guest Account. Some people have had trouble with guest account so probably better to create another account. If you create another user, create a username and password.

6. From your iOS device search for your printer, add it on your iOS device. It will prompt you for login, for that use the username and password of the newly created user account.

You’re good to go! Try printing, and reboot your computer if necessary.
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1. Enable “printer sharing” option in Windows to let Windows to allow these printers to receive network documents. See the picture.

For additional help with this see the following links: Windows 7 help (try this too) or Printers under WinXP Release

2. The latest iTunes or Apple Bonjour (Bonjour comes with iTunes so just get the latest iTunes) must be installed!

3. Enabling another account or guest Account – the reason for this is because the airprint service has to run under some privilege. This is a safe, I’ve used this software for a while, no damage done.

4.When you clicked “Activate AirPrint” and it failed it’ll say something else in German. If it fails the German troubleshoot messages say in english “Enable Guest Account and Open the Ports.” So try those again, but I advice creating another account instead of Guest.


-There are no printers found
Make sure your printer is network enabled or has “printer sharing” on. If your printer is too old or is not detected on your network, this software is not going to bring your printer online. Furthermore you need the port 631 unblocked and allow the Airprint.exe service in C:\AirPrint\ in your firewall.
If you have Windows XP, try this
Run command prompt, run:
netsh firewall show allowedprogram ENABLE
It will list all enabled programs. airprint.exe should be listed in there. If it’s not, run:
netsh firewall add allowedprogram “%programfiles%\airprint\airprint.exe” “AirPrint for Windows” ENABLE
It should say OK

– I have this problem
…\Temp/cupslite/cupslite” – No such file or directory
Canon MP620 series Printer: DeviceCapabilities failed

You can solve by running the following command from CMD. This will recreate the airprint windows service with a special parameter
sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe -s -d”
You should get a CreateService SUCCESS message
Then enter second command which will start the windows service:
sc.exe start AirPrint
The iPhone/iPad will find the printer, but it might be locked and require a user name and a password to work. The user name to enter here is the name of the user currently logged on in Windows (if you can’t remember, you can see all available user names for your machine using start -> settings -> control panel -> user accounts. Here, I added a password to my user (which previously didn’t have one).

– Printers are displayed but are not selectable (locked)
Enable another account or guest account in Windows and restart the PC and the IOS device. There is currently no other way to solve this problem than to enable another account or guest account. First try creating another account.

– Airprint still doesn’t work
Did you try restarting your computer? Did you create another account instead of Guest user? Did you recreate or check the AirPrint.exe service is working? Is Firewall blocking? Is your printer a very old model that doesn’t support wifi printing? Post your problem in the comments and maybe we can help each other out. Please remember to be detailed.

For some users, AirPrint.exe under C:\AirPrint\ would not start. Try opening the file “As Administrator” by right clicking the file. Or if still having problems, turn off UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 7 from Control Panel but this has never been needed.

-I have a problem with uninstalling
For some users, there are problems with the uninstall of AirPrint Activator. Doing the following should remove it safely:

Start Command Prompt (CMD) as Administrator to start
Type in the following lines one after another and hit Enter
sc stop AirPrint
sc delete AirPrint

Then delete folder “AirPrint” in C:\ drive
Restart … and you’re done