Fillezilla Server Installation

Setup FTPS Server on Windows with Filezilla

To setup an FTPS Server on Windows, it’s quite easy, so we’ll get going. FTPS unlike an FTP will provide more security to transfer files. The Install

First download Filezilla Server from the official website here. Now that you’ve done that, launch the installer.

When the installer runs, you’ll be prompted with a screen like below

Filezilla Server Install










Choose Standard and it’ll cover what you’re looking for.

Fillezilla Server Installation

Leave the port as 14147, (you are free to chose another)

Leave the other settings as defaults to ensure that the program starts up without any permissions issues.

In this screen of installation, leave the defaults so that in the future we can add other Windows users as FTPS users as well.

Filezilla User Prompt


Hit install and you ought to be done and ready to go. Next we’ll configure it.

Setup FTPS

When you startup Filezilla Server, you’ll be prompted with this screen, hit “Connect”

Filezilla Server Login Prompt

Next go to Edit -> Settings, we’re going to configure FTPS

Filezilla Settings








As shown Edit -> Settings and click “FTP over TLS Settings” -> “Enable FTP over TLS support (FTPS) -> and then finally generate a new certificate. Also take note of the port 990, that’ll be your port that you use (you can use another!), for FTPS.

Filezilla Server FTPS Setup

If the idea of generating a new certificate seems scary, fear not! After clicking that you’ll be prompted with a dialog as shown below, just Filefill in relevant information, to start select 4096 bit for the keysize. Also be sure to save your cert and key in a safe location!

Generator Certificate for Filezilla FTPS

Click generate certificate and that’s it! Your server will no longer accept insecure connections over port 21 but will accept secure connections over port 990.

Configure Users

To setup new users

Filezilla Server Users Config

Go to Edit -> Users




Then you’re going to go Shared Folders -> Add new user -> add the new user

Add new user in Filezilla ServerOnce the user has been added, we’re going to give folders that the user can access, follow the instructions in the pictures below:
Filezilla Server User Password

Finally we’re going to set a password for our user and hit OK to finish.

Filezilla Server Directory Access

Ports to unblock

Now at this time if you have a firewall, please unblock port 990

Steps to Secure

In addition to using FTPS as we covered, you can also secure your Filezilla FTPS server by using another port instead of port 990. You can also go to Filezilla Server -> Edit -> Settings -> IP Filter and in the section that says “The following IP Addresses are not allowed to connect to the server:” put “*” without the “”, this will stop all IPs from connecting. Then in the next section “Exclude the following IPs”, put your public IP so that you and only you can connect. You can find your public ip by going to


Thanks to these sites for some guiding tips:

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