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7 thoughts on “How to Fix Youtube Login Error

  1. Leonardo Manunta

    got still the problem, but i think it depend cause i accidently unchecked the youtube account before doing try this solution you have posted, so my youtube account doesnt appear associated anymore to my first gmail account, and even if i use the guide you and theladyuncle have posted, i still got that problem…..my english is really bad, but i hope you can send me an answer here manugho@gmail.com, plz need help

  2. Simone Riccio

    Hello and thanks! I had the same problem you show in the first pic..then i log in with my strange email related to the new Google+ account i created (siim0oxxxxx@pages.plusgoogle.com)

    now i can log in but..if i want to go back?? i don’t want a second stupid google+ page, I want to log in with my normal gmail account!

    Can you help?
    if I go to http://plus.google.com and login with my google account associated with your YouTube account I still can’t (on the left panel) click on Pages link and Click on “Switch to Page”.


    SIMON 🙂

  3. Brandon

    FINALLY!!!! I’m so happy right now, seriously! I’ve had this problem for about 2 months now, and I even emailed YouTube directly (but no avail). This worked perfectly!! Thank you so much!

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