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Stumbleupon, is a great service. It is one of a kind and probably the only portal service that allows you to visit the vastness of the web and find the jewels and interesting sites across the world. When the service first started, I remember joining it and I was in middleschool. It was probably the most fun way to use my time after school. It was beginning to replace my Channel 11 WB after-school-watching ritual. I used it after homework to browse the deep web at night.

Stumbleupon banned me

I started to use the new service then to also promote my blog and like my own pages. It was a violation of its TOS. This was probably in early 2004-2005, I was in most likely in 7th grade. I signed up and just “hit accept” on the tos. This is why it is very important to read the Terms of Service of any service you sign up with. My account was flagged and then banned. I didn’t use Stumbleupon then for a long time, it was the hype then and it became popular and stuck around. It will continue to grow and no one should dismiss its service.

The email I used then also happened to be the same email I still have now and I now use it to login to many services. I logged into Stumbleupon this year, it was just a non-working account, which was strange. I reached out to Support and they quickly stated that it was banned  account that violated their TOS. The severity of the TOS meant that I was not able to additionally create any other accounts as well. That is bad. How does one never ever use Stumbleupon?! The dread washed over me. So I reached out to support[at]

Get unbanned from Stumbleupon


unbanned from stumbleupon

You have to ask and be frank. I was surprised and did not expect to be given another consideration. It makes me value the service at Stumbleupon and to make an effort to not get myself into trouble again. Free services like Stumbleupon have far reaching consequences on a daily basis (or a long term). Their popularity can mean you’re left out of social activites with your friends (imagine being banned from Google altogether – eeks!), so read the TOS!

Automated systems are always troubling in appeals process. Always try to reach out to someone at Stumbleupon or another company to have them review your appeals and unban. Just ask and in keeping with the good faith, try to stick to safe practices of site promotion and not write a thumbs up for every page on your website (which is probably what I did).  I wanted to share with this with you guys so that if you guys are in the same ditch as me it won’t hurt to do what I did, reach out and get lucky!

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