Copying and pasting on IPMI KVM Console from SuperMicro

IPMI KVM Console

IPMI KVM Console

If you use KVM or IPMI Console from SuperMicro, one of the annoying things is the inability to copy and paste using the Windows functions. Have no fear, a workaround is here. Additionally a nifty little trick to keep your selected Window on top using Autohotkey’s super power scripting engine.

First download software called AutoHotKey or.. heck you can skip all that just download the attached .exe file: Supermicro IPMI Copy & Paste and Window on Top

Note: When you run the .exe program, no Autokey installation is needed. The .exe app will load up the program in taskbar, all you have to do is either use Ctrl+Shift+V to copy and paste between KVM/Console and your clipboard. Similarly to keep a window on top, select window and hold Ctrl+Space. It’ll stay on top, to undo it, repeat it to remove it from being on top.

Ok let’s get started for those who use AutoHotkey and want the ability to modify hotkeys and learn from the code:
So you’ve downloaded AutoHotkey and you use IPMI from SuperMicro to access your server through the Java console? Well it might be annoying to know that when you want to run that linux command, it doesn’t copy or paste – ugh in this day and time?!

To access the server console, here is a cool script to copy and paste linux commands and other things between your Windows clipboard and IPMI console.

You can add this into an existing AutoHotkey script or create a new AutoHotKey script with the following:

; Autohotkey from Softlayer ctrl-shift-v
SetKeyDelay, 100
SendRaw %clipboard%

The ^ key is equivaalent to Ctrl, and + is Shift key, and v is simply the letter “v” key. This script above will allow you to copy and paste text between your OS and the IPMI Console (which is written in Java).

Here is another AutoHotkey script that will allow you to put the existing Window on top of all the others.

; Always on TOP window ctrl-space
^SPACE:: Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

Again, “^” is the Ctrl key, and you do Ctrl+SPACE (key), and the window that is selected will remain on top and will not minimize or be deselected or put into the background. This is helpful if you have multiple screens, and are trying to watch a movie or keep something relevant on top while you do some other work.

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