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Looking for a fresh start

I’ve decided to not use my e mcat practice courses, here are the info on them


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The 3 Best Hybrid Laptops of 2016

Looking at the market, so after researching some indepth reviews, I categorized what I believe to be some of the best hybrids on the market as of Oct, 2016.

The three best hybrid laptop/tablets are

  1. HP Spectre x360
  2. Samsung ATIV Book 9 Spin
  3. Lenovo Yoga 900

When you go for a laptop for this category, you’ll want to take a look at a comfortable screen size, and less heat so you won’t burn your hands while holding it. The 13inch is probably most relevant and appropriate in display size. The Spectre is said to have the best build and design, while heat issues, and sturdy has stood out as common issues (for tablet mode). The Samsung Spin has been said to be a great contender, but graphics card seems to be a limiting factor. Yoga 900 while it may not have a attractive build, it certainly has a well known brand with great build form factor and size perfect for tablet mode.

The biggest things to watch out in this market is Optane-equipped laptops (faster than SSDs) with Kaby Lake (the new processor with a margin of minor performance gain). These are expected to hit the market in 2017.

WordStream Keyword Tool Scam

WordStream‘s Free Keyword Tool, unlike other keyword suggestion tools, does not return a virtually unlimited number of keywords, including multi-word long-tail keywords, and is definitly not easy to find long-tail keywords with this free keyword research tool. Why? Because I tried it.

I used the tool here:

Entered my email after searching the term “places to visit austin”.

All I got in the email was an auto-generated .csv file for excel with no result, just absolute auto-generated premade text as shown in the screenshot. It does not even make any sense, some empty fields and I gave my email away.

WordStream Keywood Tool Scam


If this is a preview of what is more to come, just stay far from them. Just harvesting another email address for their seo and business.

Easiest and Reliable Favicon Generator

If you’re looking for a reliable and working favicon generator, I strongly recommend checking out

It looks very simple and underpowered by it’s pretty amazing what you can do once you get the hang of it. Try moving the swatch around and applying colors to the blocks, before you know it you’ll be writing symbols that identify with your site.

Use PPTP on macOS Sierra

If you use PPTP for macOS Sierra, with the new update from Apple, PPTP was removed natively from the OS . The reasoning for this was quite simple; PPTP was insecure method of connection to a private backend. Following this update, 3rd party companies came into the scene to provide support for PPTP. The following article will cover some of the most popular PPTP options for Apple macOS Sierra. The following 3rd party (in addition to the ones Apple listed), should work for PPTP connections. Continue reading

Gifts of men featuring President Obama

Best Gifts For Men

Gifts of men featuring President Obama

janeb13 / Pixabay

When birthdays, holidays, baby showers, wedding showers, and all types of events prop up in life, you need to find a gift. For me it is one of the most difficult things because I become lost. Lost in what could anybody want that hasn’t been seen, bought before. Then the internet surprises me, I buy it, and it makes someone’s day. I wanted to share some things that I found to be great sources to find gifts for men, (I’m sure you can find gifts for women there as well!). By the way none of the links below are referral or marketing links so this is free advertising for the companies mentioned below. Continue reading

Htpasswd Password Protect your Website using NGINX 1.11.4

HTTP Authentication using htpasswd and nginx

HTTP Authentication using htpasswd and nginx

When you use NGINX 1.11.4 and you want to protect your website or a directory within your website, try the following simple code to get you going. Initially I had some trouble setting it up myself and believe this article be a great help for all. Continue reading