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KVM Viewer / Slack Skin

When you need to use a KVM, here is a tried and tested KVM viewer, the TightVNC Viewer which you can download here:


If you use Slack and you want a nice skin, use the CSS codes below:



How to use MTR & WinMTR

For Windows Users

In this article, we’ll cover how to use winMTR on Windows.

winMTR is the Windows ported version of MTR or My Traceroute program. Developed by Appnor MSP, it is free to use.

We start by getting winMTR from here. You’ll want to enter the IP that you want to run MTR to, in the Host field, and you can click on “Start” for quick use. For additional customization, click on “Options” button.

winMTR Interface


In the Options menu, there are 4 options, from Interval (between MTRs), size of the ping packets, and the maximum hosts in the LRU list or maximum hops shown in your GUI.

winMTR Options

Hit OK, after you’re done customizing, and enter IP in Host Field and hit Start.

This will create a list of hops leading to the destination IP and will show any packetloss as well as latencies to that destination.

For macOS Users

MTR is a open source tool that combines traceroute + ping. You can get it for linux on numerous sites but it is primarily maintained on GitHub where you can download the latest one.


Thanks to the following helpful link:

MTR and WinMTR


How to Install MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) on your Softlayer Server

If you have a Softlayer bare metal server and you want to install the latest or upgrade to the latest MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM), this guide is for you. You need to first identify the RAID card used on your server. In our test example, the RAID card is MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i.  You can find the MegaRAID Storage Manager software here:

  1. On that page download MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM)
  2. Unzip MSM zipped file
  3. You might have to disable Windows Smart Screen to unzip or run setup
  4. Run setup.exe
  5. Aside from the normal prompted “Next..”, select the following specific options:
  6. Choose Custom during installation and not Complete
  7. Select “Standalone” During client type

    MegaRAID Storage Manager Softlayer Setup

  8. Unless you are using LDAP, set it to “No”
    MegaRAID Storage Manager Softlayer LDAP Setup
  9. Select the defaut, “Since Log Clear”

MegaRAID Storage Manager Softlayer Log Setup

10.   Select the key size “1024”MegaRAID Storage Manager Softlayer Key Setup

11. Hit next and you should be just about done. If you’ve any questions, post below or contact Softlayer.