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Memcache Error

If you’re setting up on memcache and you run into the following

For centOS 7 I fixed it by editing


Changing from


Then save changes, exit file.

Restart memcached

Check status

Copying and pasting on IPMI KVM Console from SuperMicro

IPMI KVM Console

IPMI KVM Console

If you use KVM or IPMI Console from SuperMicro, one of the annoying things is the inability to copy and paste using the Windows functions. Have no fear, a workaround is here. Additionally a nifty little trick to keep your selected Window on top using Autohotkey’s super power scripting engine. Continue reading

Vertical Social Share Box for WordPress from AddThis

Alright, I have the AddThis plugin for WordPress, but sadly they only allow you to display horizontal sharing icons. I had to get the vertical sharing icons from the AddThis site-which defeats the purpose of having a plugin, nonetheless I took some time modifying it and wanted to share it with you.

Here’s a quick tutorial to add the vertical sharing and have it display to the left of your posts. By the way this adds Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus share buttons only.

Here’s how it looks:

So when you get the code to share AddThis plugin from, it looks something like this

So let’s change that up a bit, and make it pretty, and actually look good.

Go to Appearance -> Editor and Add the following to footer.php

Note: If you have this AddThis plugin, you can remove the last line (line 7 above) because the addthis plugin already loads that .js file for you.

Now go to Appearance -> Edit CSS and Add the following as an addon to your already existing stylesheet

If it looks messed up you need to adjust margin-left.

Brown 1.0 for CMSMadeSimple 1.11.4 (CMSMS)

Heres a theme I ported over to CMSMadeSimple, I don’t remember who the original author of the template was, if you do let me know below. It’s a great theme that is fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS3 verified by W3C. This theme is for CMSMadeSimple content management system or CMS.

Brown 1.0

Brown 1.0

Here’s the readme.txt
Name & Version: Brown 1.0
Fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS3 verified by W3C
1. Go to your CMSMadeSimple Admin Panel
2. Go to Layout tab then Theme Manager
3. Click on “Import” tab
4. Hit “Choose file” and select the Brown_1.0.xml
5. Hit “Import” and you’ve installed it. Read notes

1. The Brown 1.0 Leftbar is as it says a template with the leftbar
2. The Brown 1.0 Wide is a simple nice wide template which you can do anything with
3. After you import, just go to Content -> Pages and select a page
4. From the page go to Options tab
5. Then select Template -> choose either Brown 1.0 Leftbar or Brown 1.0 Wide
6. If menu is outta whack, choose a different menu template from Layout -> Menu Manager

Things you can edit:
1. ——Change the color of the search bar label——————
Go to Extensions -> Search -> Search Template tab
Look for

Replace with

This will make the word “Search” white against the darkbluish background

Additionally you can go through CSS and change the menu color but this is

2. ——-In leftbar template, how do i adjust left bar size?——————
To do that go to the stylesheet for leftbar template and look for this:

Change the value for width for right, will allow you to move the content over or away from the left bar

You’re free to modify it. Just don’t sell it.