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How to get unbanned from StumbleUpon

Stumbleupon logo
What it is

Stumbleupon, is a great service. It is one of a kind and probably the only portal service that allows you to visit the vastness of the web and find the jewels and interesting sites across the world. When the service first started, I remember joining it and I was in middleschool. It was probably the most fun way to use my time after school. It was beginning to replace my Channel 11 WB after-school-watching ritual. I used it after homework to browse the deep web at night. Continue reading

Confusing Marketing

Adverises a trial plan as "Forever Free"

Adverises a trial plan as “Forever Free”

So I was looking through Soundest, a service that appeared to be giving an indefinite free plan for their email program, however when I click on “Start for free”, its a trial – definitely not “Forever”.

Definitely not simple pricing and was a surprise; boo!

I hate it when companies, and marketeers do this, it ruins interest and trust in services and its simply confusing.

Windows Language Packs MUI for Server 2012 and 2008

In this article I’ll cover how to install multilingual language packs for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 2008.
Installing Windows Language Pack

There is also a link to buy WIndows Server 2012 in this post from Amazon if you don’t have it already! Continue reading

Printer Pro Review – iOS 7/8

I got this $6 app on iTunes Store from a while ago and got around to testing it recently. It differs very little other than having more export features from the AirPrint Activator I wrote about.

I’m using the iOS 7 and I found Printer Pro wasn’t found in the ‘more options’ for Notes app and therefore I couldn’t export notes directly to Printer Pro but had to copy/paste text into Printer Pro. Below are some screen pics from a clipboard pasting that I printed.

If you’re having problems with AirPrint Activator this app is a great alternative. You can first try for free Printer Pro Lite to see if it works for you. Now you might be looking at the price point and looking to avoid it because of the cost. If cost is a problem, I recommend signing up for *SORRY FOR SHAMELESS PLUG FOR FEATUREPOINTS but its a way to get the app for free* it is a website where you test apps for companies in return for points. These points can be redeemed for a variety of paid apps or cash.

As a feature points user, I use it on my iPhone and if you sign up through me using link below you can get 50 points to start but you don’t have to signup through me, you can signup directly from featurepoints website.
My referral code is 774R79

Printer Pro is about 4000 points so there definitely is a lot of apps to test to get there but worth it if you print a lot. I got about 1400 points after testing apps for 3 days, so it’s not too bad 😉

Below are pictures using Printer Pro