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Google Duo

So Google Announced today the release of Google Duo. It looks eerily similar to Apple’s Facetime. Looking into this, I found Google has been on a roll recently and released many programs that seem to be similar in function to my existing Apple products? So to help other clueless people here’s a simple breakdown of their new products (or new to me). Continue reading

Copying and pasting on IPMI KVM Console from SuperMicro

IPMI KVM Console

IPMI KVM Console

If you use KVM or IPMI Console from SuperMicro, one of the annoying things is the inability to copy and paste using the Windows functions. Have no fear, a workaround is here. Additionally a nifty little trick to keep your selected Window on top using Autohotkey’s super power scripting engine. Continue reading

Windows Advanced Mode for Windows Server 2012

Windows Advanced Mode is essential for doing a number of things from debugging, boot logging, low-resolution video, safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, booting with disable driver signature enforcement, disable early launch anti-malware protection, and disable automatic restart after failure. Continue reading

DOCSIS 3.1 Houston – Texas Area Rollout for Comcast

I had a chance to read up on DOCSIS 3.1, it will allow speeds up to 1 Gbps. This is good news as Comcast has had a alot of bad rep with not delivering advertised speeds and connection issues that occur randomly (though I must admit they’re decreasing and not so much a problem).

After searching a bit on this, it appears that DOCSIS 3.1 along with Comcast’s Fiber (a separate service – not the same thing as DOCSIS 3.1), will come to the Houston, Texas area in 2017 if not before the end of 2018.

On the consumer side it will require little to no upgrade than just plugging in a new modem/router gateway from Comcast.

secret sauce:

Secret’s out: Comcast’s 2-Gbps Gigabit Pro service is here

Webhosting with Google

It seems it is now possible to obtain a basic html website through Google. Using the Google Drive you can have a basic webhost to host your .html files as well as javascript and css files. Those three languages alone can make pretty complex websites when you master them. Now you can officially say good-bye to those old webhosts that just provide plain old html free hosting. If you are a blogger make sure you have the best blog hosting.

For more info

Alternatives to

Alternatives to

I miss – it was a service that was one of the best group file sharing sites. I had used it for a large conference with about 300 users and it was pretty stable. Not even dropbox competed with the ease and interface had for groups. Then facebook bought and it was gone. Just like that. I found some great alternatives. They’re new and while they are not perfect popularity will help them along, here they are:

Alternatives to


The first one boxify has potential but needs user-control or some kind of ownership by the initial creator, once it does it’ll be an almost replicate. is ok, but doesn’t have the instant creation of grouped files but allows you to create a folder. It looks like Microsoft’s skydrive but each folder and file is attached to your main account url. Not bad give it a try.

You can find more at this link: