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schedule your email for a later time

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Scheduling emails to be sent at specific times can be tough. Especially if you’re not at the desktop when you need to send the email and since a function isn’t built into Gmail itself.

Frankly when something so popularly desired isn’t available, you can expect someone to make a plugin, or an addon for Gmail.  Email providers by default should have the ability to schedule email, but sadly don’t which is quite odd. It can be added using a 3rd party as shown below.

There are some automatic email providers so I’ll compare a few of them here below and also write my personal review of the Boomerang service

Gmail Scheduler Services

Service Provider nameGmail SchedulerMail ConductorLeadCookerRightInboxBoomerang
Is Free available?YesYesYesYesYes
Limitation5 at a time, no recurring emailsNoneFirst 100 emails are free10 emails per month10 emails per month

Boomerang Review

I personally tried Boomerang and it failed me miserably. In my case I had to sent a time-critical email for a contest. Specifically I had to get my reply to the contest email at 10:00 AM on a Friday 10/07/16. Boomerang looked like a good option then due to its icon, logo appearance, presentation in a variety of ads all over the web. I tried it out as it looked like a reputable brand. The contest simple. Whoever emailed the company  at the correct time with the right answer won. You can imagine there were tons of people all emailing in, trying to be the first. I scheduled Boomerang to send email at 09:59AM and at 10:00 AM. So that it sent 2 emails a minute apart, in case there were delays.

Boomerang Fail

However Boomerang failed. It sent the scheduled email for 10:00 AM at 10:01 AM. I checked the setup, I checked the email, maybe there was something wrong, nope. Boomerang just slighted, tripped, a rack of their servers fell, their time failed to sync, who the hell knows, but Boomerang failed. It sent the first email at 9:59 AM and the other email at 10:01 AM. Attached are my screenshots, additionally because it was my first time I took additional time to make sure the exact time was specified during setup as well. I used a trial of Boomerang for Gmail’s pro plan. Just like it is shown below, I scheduled emails for exact times, just a minute apart.

Boomerang Service Scheduler

On the morning of the contest being over, I was shocked to see that the Gmail timestamp read a minute apart, I went into the headers to confirm this:

Boomerang Gmail Scheduled Fail


I lost the contest after sending out email at 10:01AM. There was probably atleast one person who manually sent the email at exactly 10:00 AM on their local workstation who’d be beaten me as a result.

Future Plans

In the future I plan to try Mail Conductor or another service that does not rely on their own servers and services to schedule but works with Gmail’s own servers to send out email at scheduled time. Hopefully my review was helpful to others and helps answers any questions. Share below any others you’ve tried that you liked.



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3 thoughts on “Schedule your next email for Gmail & Boomerang Review

  1. Stanley Post author

    Thanks so much for visiting! Thank you for your input, yes of course I’m going to give it a go and will update here, thanks again for informing me about your service!

  2. Vincent CASSAR

    Hi Stanley, I’m the co founder of Gmelius. We offer a way to schedule emails that is, IMO a lot better than Boomerang. Bragging aside, Gmelius offers over 50 features to makes Gmail better. (ps: we’re also a LOT cheaper than Boomerang). Would you like to give it a go?

  3. Benny Mark

    Nice review you have here, exactly as you mentioned, I guess server synchronisation will be responsible for the delay, though I suppose boomerang should have had prior knowledge of server timing and delays between time of sending emails and time of delivery. Great post!

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