AT&T Global Network Client Troubleshooting – Windows 10

I wrote this because I had some issues with AT&T Global Network Client not working on my Windows 10 Home version. There were several frustrating experiences that took me some time so to help others I wrote this up. This guide applies to AT&T Global Network Client Version

Here are some steps and processes I followed I hope will be helpful to you as well.

1. I am able to connect via AT&T VPN Client but the company intranet isn’t loading..

Solution 1: Go to Start (Win key) -> Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wifi -> Change Adapter options. After you click on that, a window will load up with your internet adapters. Look for “AGN Virtual Network Adapter”, this will be the AT&T VPN Network Adapter. Right click on “AGN Virtual Network Adapter” -> Properties -> Uncheck “Internet Protocal Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” -> Hit OK. Disconnect the AT&T Global Network Client from the VPN connection and close the program. Then open it again and connect again.

Solution 2: Open the AT&T Global Network Client -> Settings tab -> Login Properties -> under Network Services -> Configure .. -> Double check your credentials, hit Next -> Select “Both the Internet and my company’s intranet” -> Then for “Which service would you like to use to access your intranet” -> Select one and hit Finish and try to connect. If one of the service to access doesn’t work, a dialog will notify you that your company doesn’t support IPSec or Fixed IP or SSL Dual access. If one doesn’t work, try the others, for me Managed VPN – IPSec DualAccess was supported by my company and worked.

Possible Solution 3: Open the AT&T Global Network Client -> Settings tab -> Login Properties -> Servers -> Configure -> Select “Use the following manual settings” -> Now we need the Primary and Secondary DNS. This can be obtained by going back to
“AGN Virtual Network Adapter” we mentioned in solution 1 -> Properties for that adapter -> Internet Protocal Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) -> and BAM. You can copy it from that dialog straight into your AT&T Global Network Client. Now back in AT&T Global Network Client after you’ve input the Primary and Secondary DNS -> hit Next -> on the WINS screen, hit next -> on the domain and domain-suffix search list, select “Use the following manual settings” -> for Domain put your company main domain -> Hit “Add..” -> Finish -> Hit “OK” -> Try to connect again to your company’s VPN.

Final Solution: Throw everything down the company VPN tunnel
Open the AT&T Global Network Client -> Settings tab -> Network Services -> Configure -> Next -> Select “My company’s intranet” -> Managed VPN – SSL (Preferred) -> hit Finish

2. I am trying to install the AT&T Global Network Client but there is an installation error: “Installation was interrupted before AT&T Global Network Client could be completed installed. It may be necessary to reboot your computer before installing the client. Please reboot your computer and run the installation again.”

Solution 1: Ok so you’ve tried to reboot or you’ve rebooted and it STILL doesn’t install. Ok one last time, start up the installer again, select Custom installation and during the custom installation, uncheck the VPN client package altogether, hit next and continue with normal setup, and it will install without the VPN client.

Next, you’ll have to go to Start (Win key) -> All apps -> Windows System -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a program -> AT&T Global Network Client -> Next -> Modify -> now select the VPN Client and choose “This feature, and all its subfeatures, will be installed on this hard drive” and hit Next. Continue on with the rest of the setup and the VPN client will now be added back and you should be able to have the full client working once again.

Solution 2: Run AT&T Global Network Client as Administrator.

If you run into any trouble, let me know below and I’ll be happy to help you guys as well.

3. NetClient has stopped working – seen on Windows 10

Solution: Right-click the AT&T Global Network Client -> Properties -> Compatibility -> “Run this program as an administrator” -> Hit apply or OK and launch the application again.
Solution #2: Disable Windows firewall or any other firewall you are using. Try again, if you have no problem you are good to go (try to whitelist the application in the firewall if you want it enabled).
Solution #3:  Disable any antivirus

4. I need to reset my AT&T Global Network Client password.
Try to connect normally in the client and a password prompt will help you change to new password, the existing password has to be mentioned.
If for whatever the application is not letting you change the password, use the website below:
For a reset if you are not sure of your current password, call your company’s helpdesk.

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  1. Arturo

    This site is really cool. I have bookmarked it.

    Do you allow guest post on your blog ? I can provide high quality posts for
    you. Let me know.

  2. Stanley Post author

    Hi Sunder,

    Thanks for visiting. I’m glad to hear the installation trick worked.

    For the NetClient not working try the followings, give each one a shot and if not working try the next step
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\AT&T Global Network Client right click on NetClient.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run as Administrator

    2. 2.Go to client installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\AT&T Global Network Client\)
    Locate the “NetLPE.dll” file and rename it something else (i.e. NetLPE_O.dll or something)
    It should start fine now

  3. Sunder

    Hello Stanley,

    Thanks very much for your efforts in helping sort this issue whilst AT&T unable to do yet. I am still facing issue and I would like to hear back from you to sort this issue.

    1. First issue happened while installing, the installation error and rolled back. I did exactly as you posted and it all installed again successfully.

    2. Second issue, while starting AGNC, the error was NetClient has stopped working. I did exactly as you posted ( check Run as Administrator in the Compatibility tab) but still the same issue. The error after is opens is “NetClient has stopped working”.

    Could you please help me out with this issue. Much appreciated for all your efforts.

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