AirPrint Activator for Windows – iOS 7 For Windows XP/7/8

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Picture shows an innocent windows printer attached to a Windows computer.

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My post has the latest version 2.6. Software credit is to the software developer at I added it here and added few explanations and elaborated FAQ. I got airprint working and successfully printed from iPhone 3GS to an old printer attached to Windows XP. Verified working on Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.

AirPrint Activator v.2.6 for Windows iOS 7 & iOS 6 & iOS 5 supported.
The program allows to use Shared-Network windows printers via AirPrint. This will allow you to tap “Print” from any iOS device and allow you to print to your windows printer. You don’t have to jailbreak anything 😉

Download –

AirPrint Activator iOS5_v2.6


1. Open the following ports or add to ignore settings in your firewall program:

  • Port 9100 (TCP), port for network printers, for RAW Printing or Direct IP printing jobs.
  • Port 631 (TCP) port that needs to be open for the AirPrint service
  • Port 5353 (UDP). If Apple Bonjour software is installed, this port may not be needed but if you notice problems open this port as well!
    If you need help with opening ports in the Windows Firewall program see this post

2. Download the file and unzip it, and run the application, (The software is written in german, do not freak out just follow directions in this post)

3. You should see a button that says “Activate AirPrint” service, click on it and it should say “Aktivierung Erfolgreich” or Activation Successful. Learn some German along the way

4. Add the program file path C:\AirPrint\Airprint.exe in your firewall program’s exclusions list or ignore settings to NOT be scanned or blocked by the firewall. AirPrint is the service that runs to communicate between iPhone’s wireless signals and printer.

5.Create another user account or guest Account. Some people have had trouble with guest account so probably better to create another account. If you create another user, create a username and password.

6. From your iOS device search for your printer, add it on your iOS device. It will prompt you for login, for that use the username and password of the newly created user account.

You’re good to go! Try printing, and reboot your computer if necessary.
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1. Enable “printer sharing” option in Windows to let Windows to allow these printers to receive network documents. See the picture.

For additional help with this see the following links: Windows 7 help (try this too) or Printers under WinXP Release

2. The latest iTunes or Apple Bonjour (Bonjour comes with iTunes so just get the latest iTunes) must be installed!

3. Enabling another account or guest Account – the reason for this is because the airprint service has to run under some privilege. This is a safe, I’ve used this software for a while, no damage done.

4.When you clicked “Activate AirPrint” and it failed it’ll say something else in German. If it fails the German troubleshoot messages say in english “Enable Guest Account and Open the Ports.” So try those again, but I advice creating another account instead of Guest.


-There are no printers found
Make sure your printer is network enabled or has “printer sharing” on. If your printer is too old or is not detected on your network, this software is not going to bring your printer online. Furthermore you need the port 631 unblocked and allow the Airprint.exe service in C:\AirPrint\ in your firewall.
If you have Windows XP, try this
Run command prompt, run:
netsh firewall show allowedprogram ENABLE
It will list all enabled programs. airprint.exe should be listed in there. If it’s not, run:
netsh firewall add allowedprogram “%programfiles%\airprint\airprint.exe” “AirPrint for Windows” ENABLE
It should say OK

– I have this problem
…\Temp/cupslite/cupslite” – No such file or directory
Canon MP620 series Printer: DeviceCapabilities failed

You can solve by running the following command from CMD. This will recreate the airprint windows service with a special parameter
sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe -s -d”
You should get a CreateService SUCCESS message
Then enter second command which will start the windows service:
sc.exe start AirPrint
The iPhone/iPad will find the printer, but it might be locked and require a user name and a password to work. The user name to enter here is the name of the user currently logged on in Windows (if you can’t remember, you can see all available user names for your machine using start -> settings -> control panel -> user accounts. Here, I added a password to my user (which previously didn’t have one).

– Printers are displayed but are not selectable (locked)
Enable another account or guest account in Windows and restart the PC and the IOS device. There is currently no other way to solve this problem than to enable another account or guest account. First try creating another account.

– Airprint still doesn’t work
Did you try restarting your computer? Did you create another account instead of Guest user? Did you recreate or check the AirPrint.exe service is working? Is Firewall blocking? Is your printer a very old model that doesn’t support wifi printing? Post your problem in the comments and maybe we can help each other out. Please remember to be detailed.

For some users, AirPrint.exe under C:\AirPrint\ would not start. Try opening the file “As Administrator” by right clicking the file. Or if still having problems, turn off UAC (User Account Control) in Windows 7 from Control Panel but this has never been needed.

-I have a problem with uninstalling
For some users, there are problems with the uninstall of AirPrint Activator. Doing the following should remove it safely:

Start Command Prompt (CMD) as Administrator to start
Type in the following lines one after another and hit Enter
sc stop AirPrint
sc delete AirPrint

Then delete folder “AirPrint” in C:\ drive
Restart … and you’re done


70 thoughts on “AirPrint Activator for Windows – iOS 7 For Windows XP/7/8

  1. Anonymous

    I followed all the step in windows8 and it worked fine. When I moved to windows 2003 server, I can’t see the printer in iPad. I already created firewall exception.

  2. Anonymous

    Have you looked at Only issue I had was step 5–the Windows Firewall did not prompt me. I had to add Airprint.exe manually (TCP, all ports) and it worked fine. Prompted for my windows login on my iOS device the first time I printed, but hasn’t prompted me since. I have password protected sharing turned on for both public and private network profiles.

  3. Anonymous

    Worked great!
    Activate ‘Guest’ account > to print with iPad use ‘Guest’ as account name and let password ‘blank’.

  4. Stanley Post author

    @Fagoon It is asking for your Windows login username / password for the user with administrative privilege. The reason is because it is a Windows service that needs to login even when you’re logged out

  5. Anonymous

    if at first no, then retrace you motions and pay attention to the small stuff, I allowed bonjour as tcp instead of udp and kept missing that one thing for a long time, now that i did it right it works fine

  6. Sayler

    At first it did not work so i uninstalled it. Tonight it went through great! You must create the 2nd account I named my printers name and did a password. When you want to print you have to log in using user name and password then it will print. The 2nd account is very important.

  7. Ray C. Clayton

    Using AirPrint to get print job from iOS device. Is there away to identify user or iOS device that sent the job?

  8. Anonymous

    Works well with my Windows 7 system and Epson SX515W printer. Only one thing, and I have no idea why this happens but, after first attempt after switching on iPad says it cannot find a printer. Still switched on but second try and up comes my Epson printer. All well after that.
    Thank you!

  9. Daryl

    Hello, I just recently updated to the newest version of itunes, added airprint, and installed bonjour on my windows 7 64 bit machine so i would be able to print from my iphone 5s, software version 7.0.4. All works fine. Prints and all, except the printer drops off the phone after 2 to 5 minutes approximately and says,”airprint printer not found.” In order to fix this problem the only thing i can do is to restart the airprint application, so I am wondering what is causing the printer(EPSON Artisan 800) or airprint to drop from the iphone.BTW also have a Linksys E2500 router I am using.

  10. Anonymous

    Win8 64bit – OutpostFirewall
    Installed – Guestaccount activated – worked with iPAD3 and iOS7.02

  11. Brian McGregor

    iPad Air – straight from Pages, through Windows 7-64-bit pc to Samsung ML2010 hanging off Linksys PSUS4 printer server. Works great onCe adding Airprint executable to allowed apps in Windows firewall. THANK YOU!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Folks with problems? Did you turn on your printer? I forgot :-}
    It works perfectly!!!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  13. Stanley Soman Post author

    I’m guessing if you can somehow add it as a network printer (b/c it’s connected to your router) to your computer the program can make it visible to the iPhone/apple products.

  14. Blake Hx

    My Brother printer is attached directly to my Linksys wifi router, will this still work for me or does it have to be installed on my computer as a usb printer?

  15. Anonymous

    I just did this successfully in a Windows domain with an HP4250 network printer. Some things to keep in mind, both the mobile device and the AirPrint server machine must be on the same wireless SSID. They also MIGHT have to be in the same subnet, still testing this. The key to the permissions for the printer is that you have to use a LOCAL administrator level account – I created one just for sharing the AirPrint service even though the machine and the running account are both domain members. I don’t know why, it just worked. Here are my instructions to my co-workers, I used a Dell D500 running XP, so we are talking older than dirt but it worked. Set up a domain machine with only the basic Windows install and iTunes. Set up the wireless connection to xxxx. Log on as your profile account. Do a Local Network printer install of the printer you want for AirPrint – it can be anything except a printer that requires login. This is the install where you install the HP port on the machine and then install the printer to it, do not grab it from the print server or another machine. After the printer is installed, share it. Install AirPrint Activator for iOS5. It’s in German but just run the installer and then click the activate button. This adds a service, go to the service and change it to run with domain administrator credentials (a. I don’t know if this is necessary but it was recommended and I did it b. might want to set up a dedicated admin account just for this so you don’t have to worry about passwords if the domain admin pw gets changed). Dig down in the local Users and Groups and create a local user with which to share the print service – it has to be local I don’t know why – make it a member of the local administrator group. You will share this info and it will be how you control who prints to the printer so make it simple but warn your users not to share the info. For each printer/computer combo, it will need to be a different user/password. Check your power setting and make sure the computer is set to always stay on and do nothing when the lid closes. Also on mine, I set it to turn on automatically at 3 am just in case. Restart the machine and copy the profile you just created to default and do the usual cleanup of all old profiles. Create a domain account to run your machine (again not sure how necessary this is, I feel more comfortable having everything operating in the domain you might be able to just use the local account you created) In the registry, set the domain (or local) account to logon automatically at startup. Restart the machine. Test with an iPad, when it asks for credentials use the local account you just created. Install the machine somewhere out of the way where it gets good WiFi reception. Plug in the AC, start it up, shut the lid and tuck it away. You shouldn’t have to do anything with it until there is some mechanical failure.

  16. Hans Zimniak

    Perfect! FingerPrint v1 does not support iOS6 and since version 2 isn’t available anymore, after installing this tool FingerPrint got a second life! All FingerPrint printers are shown and available as AirPrint printers. Thanks, Stanley!

  17. Smee

    Well, I had the need to print from an iPad to my network printers, but I have Windows XP Pro on all my machines and I wasn’t crazy about switching to Simple File Sharing nor enabling a guest account, but I also don’t want to enter a username and password when prompted. Sorry, I am just lazy. ;-). So I found something that works for me on an iPhone, iTouch and an iPad. I followed the instructions as outlined here. Installed .Net Framework 4, installed Bonjour and then the AirPrint Activator. At this point I can see the printer and it prompts for the password. So I did a little digging into the Windows security event logs and if you just hit OK on the iPad without entering a username and password, I noticed that it was sending in a user called Mobile during the logon attempt even though I left that information blank. So I did the following:

    1. Created a user called Mobile and did not set a password. I set the password as never expires and can not be changed. After I created it, I removed all of its memberships.
    2. I went to the printer properties and I went to the security tab and made sure that it had the Everyone group added so that it could print.
    3. I then set the PC so that user accounts can be used with blank passwords. To do that I launched the MMC and loaded the local group policy. There is an option under Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies> Security Options and look for “Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only” and disabled it.
    4. Then I hid the Mobile account by loading regedit and going to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList and added a DWORD value for Mobile with a value of 0.

    So now, sure I am prompted, but I just hit OK and it prints anyway. This seems to be working for me without issues.

    Take care…


  18. mctan

    Hi. I’m using Windows Vista Home and Printer HP DeskJet 840C. Yes, a dinosaur printer. But surprisingly I was able to print from my Iphone 5 and iPad 2 when I activated it the first time. However, I didn’t print again till after a couple of days later. And then my iOS devices not displaying and didn’t print.

    Then, I uninstalled and re-activated the application again. This time the iOS devices displayed the printer. But it doesn’t print when I click on the Printer button. Not sure what happened there. Experienced any thing like that?

  19. Matt

    I followed all the steps above and all my printers show up (locked). I have the airprint service using my login credentials (admin) but it still won’t print from my iPad. I’ve tried using another user and that didn’t seem to help. Restarted both desktop and iPad and still nothing. Why would the printers show up but not able to print?

  20. gothicreader (@gothicreader)

    Also, I should add that you don’t have to buy any of the printers that Apple has listed. I have an old Dell Laserjet on LAN only (non-wireless) – and that worked.

    BTW – you only have follow these changes on 1 PC in your household that is on the same network and has access to the printer; thereby, anyone with an IPAD in your household can print. They just need the username/password to authenticate.

  21. gothicreader (@gothicreader)

    Guys – after installing the airprint and making the necessary changes to my firewall to allow the ports, and shared out printer – it worked like a charm!!!
    I did add the Logon As – using my user account that has admin rights. 😉

  22. deanthebean

    omg yes!!! Thanks SOOO much! I tried that right now, wondering why it wasn’t working. I turned off my internet security firewall with very little hope (I had tried everything), then I opened up my iPod and yes, it was working!!! Yayyy! 🙂

  23. cosmo

    Works great! Used a standard account for login. Just had to stop and restart the Airprint service once, and then my iPhone could print to my shared printer.

  24. Anonymous

    At step 2, when running “AirPrint Activator iOS5.exe”, try running it as administrator. running it as normal user won’t create the “airprint” service. at least that’s the problem that i had.

  25. Anonymous

    Been working great for me. Thanks for the post. Only issue on windows 2012 is it won’t start automatically as a service. I can login and start the service but won’t start in its own. Never created a separate user as part of the process not sure the point as it prints when running and doesn’t ask for anyone to login. Thoughts on the service startup issue? No log data.

  26. Stanley Soman Post author

    .NET Framework v4 is a software from Microsoft usually downloaded with Windows Update, to run certain applications. You may need to download it from the Microsoft website

  27. Chris Wood

    This loads fine and appears to be working. My iPad even says that it is sending it to the device, but the printer does nothing. Tried a windows test page, printer working fine.

  28. Anonymous

    I keep getting this error
    Unable to remove C:/users cupslite cupslite no such file or directory

  29. Nathan

    I can not get this working for me at all, It used top work with my iphone 4, but now with the iphone 5 it wont, I dont remember if it worked with my iphone 4 after I upgraded to 6.0 or not.

    I tried everything in your post, added the ports to my exceptions, set a guest account, I know that when I try and run airprint.exe manually I get an error that says cupslite can not be deleted, it cant be found? also above that it says something like opening port

    I am using windows XP, Can you please help me

  30. Bonnie

    It works for my iphone 3 to print emails. Any suggestions on how to get some of my other apps to find the printer? It is a HP 3510 e-printer.

  31. Marco

    Nice job, works great! I am right to say that I can only print if my windows computer is on? Or is there a way to print from my iOS device without my windows computer on?

  32. Ruck

    AirPrint works fine when I turn off my firewall for my Internet security suite. Works fine with my windows firewall turned on. Do not understand why it does not work with the internet security suite, even though the service is listed on the exception table.

  33. Marco

    Hi Stanley, great job. It works like a charm! But when I’m not logged in windows, I can’t see my printer. Does my windows machine has to be turned on in order te print with my iPad of iPhone? Or am I doing something wrong?

  34. Anonymous

    Hello, Thanks a lot!! It works perfect!!! I never leave replies to any web page or blog, but this time I have to say that this is one of the best and most useful posts ever, very easy to follow and most important, it works!!

  35. Anonymous

    Well Done! Works fine with iPad 3 and Windows 8 with an older Samsung laser printer. Did not need to change any settings with firewall, but did create a new user account like another user noted earlier.

  36. eortizs

    I added two printers: SAMSUNG CLP-310 & Canon Inkjet MP520. Both worked fine with my iPod 4 & iPad 3 !!!
    Thanks a lot for the well documented post.

  37. Anonymous

    I added some ports as suggested and added airprint.exe in the exclusions list. Now it works like a magic on my ipad 3. Thanks

  38. Mark Haworth

    I rarely leave comments but I appreciate the work done here and I have something useful to add.

    I followed the instructions with nessesary adjustments for my system. iPad 2, Vista 32 bit with Avira firewall and a Konica Minolta magicolor 2300DL network connected printer

    1) Downloaded and installed from the link – ignored the german (on trust) and the slightly scary Matrix style code window that temorarily pops up. Then clicked on the ‘Activate AirPrint’ button in the software.

    2) Shared my printer – Vista insisted the share must be accessed with a password.

    3) Allowed access for the ‘AirPrint for Windows’ service that was identified in the Avira firewall.

    4) This is the useful bit – I didn’t activate the ‘Guest’ account. Instead I created a new account – user:print password:print

    No reboots or restarts.

    Selected to print a Safari page, selected the printer and up pops an authentication quiry box, entered credentials – Bingo!

    Only 1 tiny issue (specific to my kit) – the 2300DL has an optional duplex which I don’t have. When the print options window opens on the iPad the ‘duplex’ option was turned on. Printing with this enabled causes an error on the printer ‘No duplex installed’.

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